Monday, June 24, 2013

OH Monday!

Hi bloggers!! Did everyone have a good weekend? Our weekend didnt't go as planned but it was defiantly still a good one. You see, last week we had a VERY rough teething week and this morning two stubborn molars finally popped out!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I can't wait to have my easily mild-mannered child back.

On Friday we had big plans to go to the Farmer's market with our favorite girls (ASHLEA). It was to first day of summer after all and we wanted to celebrate it the right way. QUE THE DOWN POOR. We took refuge in a cozy little cafe with the kids and had lunch as we waited to for the rain to stop. We talked about all the her latest wedding details and everything else in between. By the time the rain ended another one of my girlfriend's met up with us and we listened to music with our babes and enjoyed the market. Before we left Amanda gave me a present and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!!! I happily excepted and am grateful I get to be apart of her journey.

Saturday brought the sun and we had plans to attend one of Terrance's good friends second birthday. He slept most of the morning and I was hoping he would be in the perfect mood for the party. He was still sleeping when the party started so I decided to wake him up and I am pretty sure that was the beginning of our downfall. He woke up in the WORST mood ever. We got to the party and nothing got better. He was screaming when kids would come up and try to play with him and screaming at me if I tried to direct him at all. It was so terrible! He was in so much pain and so irritable that I had to leave early and take him home. Have any of you guys had to leave a party or event early due to teething??

Sunday morning, I woke up early and finished up some homework before heading to church. I spent the remainder of the day planning our one year anniversary trip! I am so excited about this trip you guys! We rented a condo out for the weekend and are spending the weekend on the Oregon coast. I am BEYOND excited for this trip because we are also going to check out the town of Corvallis where we plan to move in August 2014. Trent wants to attend Oregon State University, so we are making our first trip to check out the school and the town. Have any of you visited there? I have never been and can't wait to see what it is all about. ALSO!!! We are getting family pictures taken on the beach and right now I am frantically searching for a photographer down there and so far everyone is booked up! So if any of you know anyone down there help a sister out!!!!

This week marks the third week of marathon training and I must say I am feeling good. With the exception of missing two runs I have made every work out. I am still very motivated and determined. I also am not complaining at all about how my body is reacting to training (get it right, get it tight). I have been hitting the gym lately with all the rain that has hit our town. It is nice that machines count the calories burned for you. I may need to start looking into wearing a watch that does that? Any suggestions?
Ta-Ta for now!
Ashlea and her babes running to the bakery

Terrance flipped the hood of his stroller down to stay dry

Poor Ray running through the rain!

Frost Me Sweet 

These two came for the sno cones

Ash and her littles

Amanda and Jackson

Me and poor cranky teething T 
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Me and Trent spent Saturday morning in Spokane waiting for my good friend Sydney to graduate from college. Whenever we travel without our little babe we like to find random dive bars and have a drink. And that is just what we did. 

After that we were off to celebrate with Sydney and her family for the rest of the afternoon...

We have have grown up together and share so many memories. I am so excited for the next chapter in her life and am so grateful that I get to be apart of it. I know that she is going to be a great Mama.

We had such a relaxing father's day at home. We spent the day lounging around while the boys played their games. One of Daddy's favorite ways to spend the day. During the afternoon we went to celebrate with my parents, my sister and her family. Trent picked out my the newest book by my Dad's favorite author and gave it to him. My Dad was so happy. We had a wonderful father's day weekend. I hope that everyone got to spend time with the father's that they love in there lives and I wish them all a happy father's day! (Better late then never... right?). 

I still can't believe that I am lucky enough to be his wife and his Mama
I am so grateful for my Dad this Father's day. I love him so him and am so grateful for the laughs that he always brings along with him. I am so happy what I grew up his baby girl but am even more happy that my babies get to grow up with him as a grandpa. I love him so much and can't wait for even more memories with him.

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Palouse Falls- Round two

Hi! I woke up this morning to rain and clouds and it was so comforting. Our town heats up quick and it will be 95 degrees or higher for days on end and then suddenly we will get a storm and a break for the relentless heat. I am grateful for days like this and today I think my garden is too... It hasn't been getting much water the last couple days...I'm not sure who is responsible for that (MEEE). Yesterday my friend Sarah and I took another trip up to Palouse Falls but this time we were able to hike down and around to behind the waterfall.

We headed out for adventure in hopes of a good work out, hopefully some great photos and an even better tan. This is the second time we have hiked at this spot but the first time (read about it here) we hiked to the front of the waterfall. This time we hiked down to behind the waterfall and saw some amazing views. We saw some amazing waterfalls and had so much fun exploring the river. This was a perfect work out for my Sunday- Cross Training day that is a part of my marathon training plan- sometimes I swap training days (I have to be SUPER flexible with my plans- Life is unpredictable- right?). Here is a peak into our adventure:

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and that your week is off to a great start! 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Hi everyone!!! I am soo happy that it is Friday. Okay let's be honest I am ALWAYS happy on Friday's but especially this one. We have lots of fun planned for the weekend and today marks the start. (Besides the fact that I work at the restaurant tonight). Terrance and I woke up this morning, stopped for our coffees and headed to one of our local farmer's markets. We picked out strawberries, apples, and raspberries. We also stopped at Lowe's and picked out spray paint for wicker outdoor furniture I recently purchased at a yard sale.

I got of a pair of wicker chairs and one wicker rocker. They are white and a little bit up so I decided to give them a face lift. Here is what the first coat looks like on one of the chairs:



My favorite color is blue and I would paint everything a shade of blue if I could. It makes me happy. I can't wait to finish spray painting them. After that I will be on the hunt for cute pillows to match. 

This weekend we are going to Spokane to watch my friend Sydney graduate from college. I am so proud of her and can't wait to spend some time with her. I also can't wait to have a day date in Spokane with my cute Hubbs. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!!! 


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marathon Madness (official training plan)

When the new year of 2013 hit I knew I wanted to fill up our year calendar with memories, traveling, and much more. After all the last two years were BIG years; filled with having our beautiful healthy baby boy and marrying the man of my DREAMS. I wanted to figure out a way to make 2013 bigger and better then the years before. ( I'm not sure if its possible but it's what's the harm in trying :) )

I have always toyed with the idea of running a marathon. It seems so alluring to me for some reason. I mean 26.2 miles?? Seriously?? People who complete marathons are two things: dedicated and disciplined. I decided that one major goals of this year would be to complete a full marathon. Since that decision, I have been preparing for the official training program with work outs like; jogging, running, hiking, trail running, lifting, and hot yoga. 

It has been 6 months since I started working out and I have never felt better or more full of energy. I have a big baby boy to take care of and he has bounds of energy. I have been able to enjoy every minute because I feel fit and strong. This week I got an email in my inbox and the subject line read OFFICIAL MARATHON TRAINING PLAN.

That means I have officially started my first week of the 18 week plan. I am so excited that it has finally OFFICIALLY begun! I am so happy that I have been committed to working out the past 6 months because I feel like it is a good start for these next crucial 18 weeks of training. This is what the rest of June looks like for my training...

On the days that I will cross train I will do classes at Gold's Gym and also trail run (I love trail running on the farm). Easy runs are runs that I can do while holding a conversation with someone else. The hard run's are set aside for hills and uneven terrain. The first couple weeks don't seem to scary right? Fingers crossed I can pull this off! Wish me luck : ) 

The most amazing part of all this is that our team is raising money for families with out water in Africa. My family and friends have so far raised enough money for 3 people to drink clean water for the rest of their lives. They have also given enough to provide 35 people clean water for one year. I am so grateful that I get to be apart of this wonderful effort to help people in such great need. I hope we will be able to touch many lives. 

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a little link up love- I've come to realize that

I have come to realize.....

...that women I have "met" in this blogging world are inspiring and encouraging 

...that there is ALWAYS a bright side to any situation

....that abs really ARE made in the kitchen.

...that family means absolutely everything to me. 

....that gardening is harder then it looks but more rewarding then I ever thought.

... that I'm actually really scared to run a marathon.

.....that no one is promised tomorrow.

....that it is easier to forgive and forget then hold a grudge

...that God lead you to it and WILL lead you through it

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Edible Garden is Awesome.

This weekend has been a very refreshing one for me and my little family. Today,  I woke up with at sunrise and got my sleepy butt out the door for a run. I ran along hay fields and didn't see a soul in site. I put six more miles on my new shoes and then headed home to take care of my to-do list. When I wake up and run first thing, afterwards, it feels like I have an abundance of energy to get through the day. (If you don’t do AM cardio… you should seriously consider starting, I mean who doesn’t need an abundance of energy these days).
Being that it is SUNDAY FUNDAY -my absolute favorite day of the week- my so called to-do list was actually I'M SO EXCITED TO-DO list! The second thing on my agenda was a much needed play date with my gorgeous/hilarious friend Katie. We have been friends since high school and she lives a couple of hours away so our boys had yet to meet until today!!! It was so cute seeing our boys play but it was even cuter to see Katie with her sweet little family.  She is a great Mommy and I can’t wait to create more memories with her and the boys.
Terrance woke up early and played hard on our date and was EXHAUSTED in no shape for church. He went home to nap with Daddy while I went to the service. It was a great sermon and I left feeling refreshed and very grateful. Afterwards, I came home to my sweet boys and played in the garden a bit. I just had to share how good they are looking! I seriously fell in love with gardening and am hooked. I am still in disbelief that they produce food… 
Climbing beans!!
Watermelon... could not be more excited for these puppies.

I want to finish outlining one in bricks and the other in river rocks that we have collected. I still have to make it pretty but I am just so proud I have kept them all alive this long! This is my very first time having an edible garden and I have discovered so many ways to use my herbs. Terrance loves nothing more than to be outside and gardening is something that keeps me entertained out there. My garden has far to go but so happy I have made this much progress and it is just the beginning of June!
I hope that everyone had a great weekend!