Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Palouse Falls- Round two

Hi! I woke up this morning to rain and clouds and it was so comforting. Our town heats up quick and it will be 95 degrees or higher for days on end and then suddenly we will get a storm and a break for the relentless heat. I am grateful for days like this and today I think my garden is too... It hasn't been getting much water the last couple days...I'm not sure who is responsible for that (MEEE). Yesterday my friend Sarah and I took another trip up to Palouse Falls but this time we were able to hike down and around to behind the waterfall.

We headed out for adventure in hopes of a good work out, hopefully some great photos and an even better tan. This is the second time we have hiked at this spot but the first time (read about it here) we hiked to the front of the waterfall. This time we hiked down to behind the waterfall and saw some amazing views. We saw some amazing waterfalls and had so much fun exploring the river. This was a perfect work out for my Sunday- Cross Training day that is a part of my marathon training plan- sometimes I swap training days (I have to be SUPER flexible with my plans- Life is unpredictable- right?). Here is a peak into our adventure:

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and that your week is off to a great start! 


  1. Love those photos! Have you thought of enlarging them so we can see them a bit better?

  2. Such pretty photos! That looks like it would be totally fun!

    Avo (www.avoslife.com)


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