Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Letters

Memorial weekend is here already?!?! Say WHAT!!! Summer and all of the festivities have definitely arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. Memorial weekend in our family means an extra-long weekend filled with BIRTHDAYS GALORE !!!  We also get to celebrate Trent’s Birthday on Wednesday!!! PAR-TAY!!!
Dear Edie: Happy Birthday! When I was growing up I never imagined that I would have such an amazing relationship with my Mother-in-law. You are so sweet and giving and have taught me so much about what it means to be a Mom and a wife. You set such a great example. I hope you have a GREAT birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate with you later!
Dear Sarah: Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that we have bonded so much! I love going to you for advice and guidance about life and my faith. I am so lucky that I was blessed to have you as one of my sister-in-laws and I cherish our relationship! I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it!
Dear Terrance- YOU are growing up way to fast. Lately, you have been teething really bad so our days and nights have been consumed with cuddling. I feel bad for your pain but LOVE when you’re in snuggly moods. You have been repeating everything I say and ONLY want to be outside. When you want to go for a run you will roll the jogger up to me and sit in it. I have no choice but to take you on a run- thanks for the motivation babe. LOVE you. Always.
Dear School- You have taken over my life. All I do is study. I can’t wait to see the results of all this hard work.
Dear vegetable garden- You are GROWING!!!!! I am so happy that you are still alive through these cold nights we have been having. We have been loving fresh produce- keep it coming!!!!

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When we started our challenge I never realized how much fun it was actually going to be! We are now nearing the end of the month! It is so fun to set out a run for us and always make sure that there is something fun for my little monster to do. We have 8 days left to pull out 10 miles and I know that we can do it!! Our runs have mostly been out on the farm which is more intense because I have to push the jogger through sand! If I am planning on doing a longer, fast-paced run we head down to the river. A few days ago we brought chalk with us and after our run we stopped and colored the path. We also found some birds which are Terrance's favorite thing to chase around!!!!!!

Homemade Caffeinated Body Scrub! Cellulite Reducer!!!

Hi everyone!! I am so excited to share my new body scrub recipe with you. Last year for Christmas I made peppermint sugar body scrub for all the wonderful women in my life. After that I fell in love with experimenting with different body scrubs. There are so many reasons why homemade body scrub is the bomb but these to facts alone should make YOU try it!!!!

1. It's ALL natural and you know what goes into it (AND I'll bet your butt you already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen, RIGHT NOW) 
2. It is so CHEAP.
I am a coffee lover. I could go on for two days about the 54986454 reasons why I love it but for now I want to touch on the benefits for your skin. We are all either nearing or in Bikini Season and lots of us are working out and eating cleaner. One extra pep in your step could be adding a Peppermint Mocha Body Scrub to your morning routine. This body scrub contains coffee which not only gives your skin a natural glow but also helps tighten skin. The combination of those reduce the appearance of cellulite. I have been using it in the morning post workout. It literally wakes my skin up and I am left with brighter "glowing" skin. Not to mention how AMAZING it makes your shower smell. Now do you understand why I am so excited to share this!!! ( Also if you want to know more AMAZING benefits from caffeine on your skin, please click HERE
I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen and I just so happened to have a case of mason jars waiting to be filled. It took me about 30 minutes to complete this project. This girl loves a FREE PRINTABLE!!! I printed those labels out on card-stock and hot glued them on! Then tied a pretty white bow on it! This is an awesome gift to give away! 


In a large bowl mix all dry ingredients:
1 cup Sea Salt
2 cups of coffee grounds
3 cups of Brown Sugar
3 cups Sugar 

In another bowl mix the oils:
40 drops of Peppermint Essential Oils 
1 cup of  Baby oil

Mix the dry ingredients with the oil thoroughly. Add more oil depending on your preference. I hope that everyone gives this a try! Enjoy and bring on the Bikinis!!!! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

30 Mile May Challenge !!!

The start of May brought a challenge; I will push Terrance in the jogger for 30 miles through out the month. So far we have completed two runs and 5 miles together. The first RUN was so much fun, we (I) ran 2 miles, and yesterday we were able to get 3 more miles in. We have 25 miles left to go and I didn't realize how challenging it was going to be!
We live on a farm and that is where I do the majority of my running. Yesterday I pushed 34lbs (mister T) and the jogger through sand for 3 miles. Terrance fell asleep in the beginning of the run and so halfway I took him out to run around. The circle was on and it left us some puddles to jump in and we had so much fun. I love making memories with my little boy and hold them so close to my heart. I woke up today with every muscle being sore; I feel great. I am going to stretch and head out to put some more miles in. 
Happy Running! 
He slept like this for at least ten minutes...

Happy Running! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo festivities

This weekend was so much fun; seriously. It started out on Friday when one of my best friends came into town. We took Terrance to the mall so we could get some new suits and flips. It was the first time I have been to the mall since he learned how to run and it was exhausting to say the least but with Aunty T's help we got fresh new suits and made it out with breaking anything.
Afterwards we took him to the park and played. It was so nice to hang out with her for awhile. Me and Terrance both missed her and I am so grateful for her friendship.

On Friday night we got to go out to Trent's parents house for a relaxing dinner. Terrance recently learned how to say both of there names and can hardly keep from saying them over and over. It is so sweet to see him love and bond so much with his Grandparents. 

On Saturday I spent most of the day doing homework and then I worked during the night. Afterwards I met up with my friends Jack and Amanda to celebrate there engagement. We had a lot of fun and I am happy that I got to be apart of the excitement. 

We all slept in on Sunday and then I headed out for church. It was a great service followed by the first bbq of the year after. I met back up with the boys and we headed out the Trent's parents house for a pool party. 
He loves to jump off the edge! My little daredevil

Bj and BooBoo

Felicia and her beautiful little babe 

James wanted to cuddle with Auntie Taryn and eventually fell asleep in her lap. So sweet.

Edide and Michelle 

My second set of parents. I couldn't be more blessed to have them in my life. I love my in laws. 

Daddy and his girl. One of the CUTEST pictures ever.

Family picnic after a pool volleyball game 

TEQUILA and sister fun! 

I am so in love with my family. I feel so grateful to be blessed with so many Sisters in-laws. I have to go running now and try to get all that lingering tequila out of my system. I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
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Life Lately

 I love the sun rising earlier, it gives me time to take a long run or a hike with one of my girlfriends. Life lately has been filled with family, friends, and FUN. It feels like lately we have constantly been on the go and I love it. Here is a little peak into what we have been up to recently...
Papa with his two favorite guys 
We had so much fun having my Grandma visit. I love spending time with her and especially love watching her and Terrance play. We are going to visit her this weekend and I can't wait!

Me with my parents 

This is me with my sister Lindsey
Me and Trent in our lovely work attire...

Terrance with a couple of his Grandmas
I feel like this was what I did all last week. STUDY. I have been having so much fun studying about exercise. I have already learned so much about living a healthy lifestyle and I can't wait to help people improve there health and wellness. My new favorite way to study is outside soaking up the sun.

Last week, Terrance and I started a 30 mile CHALLENGE. So far we have ran two miles! We will finish the 30 miles over the month of May! We have so much fun being outside together. Halfway through our run we always stop for adventures. I love making memories with my little boy.

Last week we went for a play date with our friends Amanda and Jackson. She just got back from a vacation so we had lots of girl talk to catch up on. After our much needed catching up we took our big boys out for a wagon ride. 

I just love me some chubby baby toes!! 

Summer is on the way; I can feel it in the air. Our lives are going to be filled with lots of outdoor activities and  plenty of sunshine. With bikini season in full swing, I am more determined then ever to stick to my work outs and hiking.