Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bye, Bye.. Baby locks

I feel like once you become a mother TIME FLIES. I'm serious Terrance has just been passing milestone after milestone. The first hair cut was not one that I was looking forward to. He was born with a full head of hair and as months passed it got curler and crazier. After Trent and my dad put some bugs in my ear, I decided that it was probably time to cut it. I mean it could have been getting out of control but for some reason I didn't want to cut off the hair that grew in my belly! I kept telling myself that he grew in my belly too and that I was attached to something so silly.

One thing that I was so afraid of losing were those sweet curls. EVERYONE kept saying "once you cut those curls off they won't grow back". I didn't want him to lose those curls they were so him. After talking with Trent he encouraged me that the fro had to go. He made an appointment for us to go to Monkey Dooz the next day to say bye bye to the baby locks. 

He sat in a jeep and acted like such a good boy the whole way through. He was pretending to drive along a road as the hair dresser cut his hair. Once she started cutting I knew that I would love his hair short. At first I was scared of cutting his hair off and him not being a baby anymore but he isn't a baby anymore (those last 5 words were so hard to type). He is a toddler and a very handsome one at that. He loves his new hair and so do we :) 

We took a little mini photo shoot the morning of his hair appointment. This is the fro I was referring to...

I'm just so in love with my little ham. And I will always love his crazy hair !!! 

Ok seriously you guys... this boy makes the craziest faces! This being one of them. This is the face he makes when I want him to do something and he doesn't want to. He will make this face until the only thing I can do is laugh. He is so silly. 


Here is him driving the jeep while getting his first hair cut! 


T is a big boy now!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Easter weekends! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 things I wish I knew

Tonight I am linking up with Mama's losin' it  with her Writing Prompts…

I chose to write about 10 things that I DO NOT know how to do…

1.       Crochet-  I REALLY want to learn how to crochet. I would love to be able to make gifts for my loved ones. Also I love finding new hobbies. I’m hoping to learn someday!
2.       Guitar- I love music. I especially love acoustic music and I would love to learn how to play. I think that it is so calming and beautiful. I have a guitar but it’s in Salt Lake City at one of my girlfriend’s house. I’ll learn to play it one day.
3.       Golf- I would like to learn how to play golf because my husband likes it. We went to the driving range and I was so terrible at it! I looked like I wasn’t taking it seriously but I was. Trent is always so patient with me and was going through the different steps. I never got better but want to practice on my own and go with him soon to make him proud of what he taught me.
4.       Spanish- I want to learn how to speak Spanish. The area that we live in is heavy with Spanish culture but that isn't the only reason. There is estimated to be  6,500 languages in the world. I would like to know two at LEAST. Spanish is the language most prevalent in my area besides English.
5.       Photography- Now that I have a great camera I'm going to take, print, and post my photos. I want to know how to take outstanding pictures of the world before me. I want to invest time in my new hobby and make memorable keepsakes with them.
6.       How to ski- I really DO know how to ski but I want to learn how to ski BETTER. When me and my husband were dating he invited me to Bachelor Mountain with his family for a skiing trip. I had been skiing at a smaller mountain a few times and figured that it couldn't be THAT hard to keep up with him and his family. Fast forward to me Trent and his brother on a ski lift in a blizzard. I'm praying that we are going down an easy hill so I can see if I can get my bearings... after a few minutes I realized that there was no way we were going down an easy one. When my bum left that lift there was no more pretending I was no skier!!! I fell so many times. Trent and his sweet parents were helping me along trying to teach me how to ski in over a foot of fresh powder. Eventually it was just me and Trent and he kept having to dig me out. He was still being so sweet and so funny. I knew I loved him that day on that mountain. His family is full of good skiers and they have great memories up in the mountains and we want to continue those traditions. So the next time we go I will get lessons.
7.       I’m not computer savvy- On the main reasons that I wanted to start a blog was because it would force me to be on the computer and learn all the new programs. I am so happy that I have, even though, there are times where I’m so mad I want to walk away… there are more times where the light bulb goes off and I dig the whole computer thing. The world is going viral my friends and I want to be in the know. I want to be computer savvy.
8.       How to be an Ocean Lover- Me and Trent were fortunate enough to be able to honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas and we had such an amazing honeymoon.. we stayed in an ocean front resort and spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and every minute of our freshly wedded bliss. Trent was frequently cooling himself off in the ocean and I am a pool girl so after we would go to the pool for me. He finally talked me into getting in the ocean and we were floating around. Trent was telling me how fun it was. I on the other hand was freaking  OUT looking for sharks, sting-rays, anything freaky and that’s when I felt it. Something that felt like seaweed brushed my leg and I held onto Trent and knew he felt it too. We were getting stung by jelly fish! He started telling me to swim back and it was terrifying. We made it back to shore and our resort gave us medicine. I looked at Trent and said I was going to be a pool girl for life but now I’m ready to take that back! There are so many activities to learn! I want to be an ocean lover.
9.       How to garden-  I have never had a garden before. I am planning to grow flowers and vegetables in our yard this year. I am currently in the process of planning the layout of our vegetable garden. I plan on growing my plants inside for 3 weeks and then planting them in our garden. I can’t wait to be able to go out into my own backyard and have everything for a salad!!!
10.   How to can tomatoes: We are growing lots of tomatoes in our garden. We eat a ton of pasta sauce and I mean ton. I want to be able to can enough tomatoes so that next fall l can make a ton of homemade pasta sauce. 

Camera Girl

 My husband is super awesome. He got me the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and so far I couldn’t be happier with it! He is so sweet. I have seriously ALWAYS wanted a DSLR camera and I have only heard good things about it. I have spent the last couple days taking pictures and I am trying to pretend I know how to use it. I took a photo class in high school ( too bad I always skipped it... Dang-it !!) I can only hope over time that I will become an expert with my new camera.
This morning me and Terrance got our grocery shopping done for the week. We picked up some pretty flowers to brighten up the house. I love buying fresh flowers at the grocery store and making my own arrangements out of them. Fresh bright flowers make me and my family happy. I filled our mason’s jars that we had on the tables at our wedding.
I took some pictures of them for fun to get to know my camera. You can’t judge me I am just a newb.

 In preparation for the wedding me and one of my bridesmaid's were digging through our local antique stores for any hidden gems we could use for the big day. She stumbled upon a drawer filled with vintage lace. There was so much beautiful lace we found the ones we liked and she bought them for me.  We used the lace for numerous things for the wedding.I hot glue gunned some of the lace onto mason jars and wrapped twine around, fastening with a bow. They were filled with flowers and wheat. They were simple and sweet and I loved them. (I am obsessed with anything to do with a mason jar) 

Our wedding rings with our vases that me and my bridesmaids filled the morning of the wedding 

I will always have the jars throughout our house...
Now that I have a really good camera I want to sure that it is protected. I was looking at different bags at Best Buy and couldn't find anything I liked. I don't want to carry a bag bag around that screams "Hi I'ma great camera!!!" I want a purse-like bag or a messenger bag. After some Google searching I found a great website called Jo Totes they have the CUTEST bags ever!!! They are fashionable yet sensible. You see I have a problem... I'm not a purse-person. I never have been. I just don't like carrying them around. I am currently trying to force myself into becoming a purse-person, if you know me... you know I'm constantly losing SOMETHING and it drives me crazy. (How it doesn't drive Trent insane I will never know) BUT I don't want to that girl anymore. So I have a solution. I need to find a great bag that will double as a purse and a camera bag. BOOM. I will definitely carry my camera around all the time and so I need something sensible to carry it in. RIGHT??! And something super cute would not hurt any bit. Any-who  I am currently campaigning for a camera bag and the hubbs is "thinking it over". Crossing my fingers I get one of these beauties for my camera to rest in...

My favorite color is blue. EVERY blue. Which blue do YOU like better???

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters(1)

It is finally Friday!!! Woot Woot. I love Fridays, but who doesn’t. This Friday I am super excited because I am joining in on an awesome link up called Friday Letters. This link up is from the blog The Sweet Season . Her name is Ashley and she is a beautiful writer. Here goes to trying new things!!!

Dear Trent- I must say that the highlight of my week so far was when your alarm went on early Thursday morning and you couldn’t figure out how to shut it off. (When I say “alarm” I’m referring to his cell phone that BLARES dirty rap songs) It was so hard not to laugh. (Any situation gets soo much funnier if you aren’t supposed to laugh) Anyways, your hilarious and somewhat touchy in the mornings and I love you for it. I am so grateful that you got me the camera of my dreams today and I can’t wait to take 898 million pictures of you with it. Thank you for always believing in my hobbies and dreams.

Dear Terrance- Okay YOU are  a cutie. Lately, you have been giving me and daddy TONS of kisses and hugs.. you make the CUTEST little smooch. I love our little shopping trips and can’t wait to put to use all our gardening stuff. You only want to be outside and always cry when we force you in. But summer is coming baby and we will live outside I promise. You have your VERY FIRST haircut coming in you near future. I love you T xoxox

Dear Gretchen Rubin- Your book is awesome and you have inspired me in more ways than one. I’m only half way through reading The Happiness Project  and have already learned so much about happiness. I too want to become a happier person and am definitely going to put your tips to use!

Dear Wind- REALLY????? Stop. It. All my outside activities have been put on the back burner and it really needs to end. At the VERY least please next week don’t be soo cold. Pull it together Easter hunts are on the way.

Dear Google Search- I would NOT be able to pull this whole “I’m a blogger” thing together without you. Seriously, you are there every step of the way and it makes blogging so much easier. Google IT for life!!! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kicking into gear

I started to kick my healthy lifestyle in to high gear on January 15th. I started training for a marathon and started practicing Bikram yoga. Once I was a month and a half into my training my Bikram yoga practice started to take its toll. After my long runs the VERY LAST thing I wanted to do was step inside the studio. I decided to hold off on Bikram yoga until after my marathon.

I am currently studying to become a personal trainer with National Academy pf Sports and medicine. I have never loved studying so much. I love learning about how different variables effect the human body. I have already learned so much and have been able to apply it to my everyday life.
I am now ten weeks into my training. For me this wasn't about losing weight so I haven't been weighing myself. For me this is about getting strong, being energized, and staying healthy for my family. Over the last ten weeks I have disciplined myself to change my mind and body about my approach to health. I'm not on a diet, I just want to be healthy and happy. I LOVE to eat and so does my husband so that is something I am not as strict about. I just focus on portion control and not eating junk. I am STRICT on cardio so I can be more free with food.
Top pic is before bottom pic is 3 weeks later

I’m so happy with my change is strength and energy. I have a BIG, strong, and fast baby boy to keep up with. I need all the energy I can get! I'm happy to report that I am down 4 jean sizes (the other day I wore my jeans from my sophomore year in high school!!!) and the pain in my lower back has faded away. I am getting results and feeling good! Today I have a trail run to do and I gotta pick up my speeeed!!! Happy running!!! 

The picture on the left is before... pictures on right at ten weeks in.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Lately

I'm participating in my first link up ever! I'm linking up with The Weekend file  and Life on LeRoy on life lately. I love both of their blogs. And this Monday I decided to try it- I'm pretty sure I already love it..

Here is a peak into my life lately...

So happy I was there to hold his hand on his last day on earth

Last week started out with one of the harshest realities in life and that is death. Since my Grandpa passed away last Monday, I have found myself going over those last minutes of my grandpa's life. I have never witnessed death before then and couldn't stop thinking about it. When we were driving to our home town that day I had so many emotions running through my head, most of all I was scared. I was scared to say goodbye to my Grandpa, I was scared to see my Grandma's heartache, I was scared of many more things. But I don't want to be scared of the hard things in life anymore because those are the experiences that make you grow the most. Life is full of hardships.. I am so happy that I have chosen to put my faith in God, because I know that my Grandpa is in heaven and I know God is here with me in my grief. It brings me peace to pray for my Grandma, Mom and rest of family in this time of sorrow. I am so grateful for the people who have reached out to me and for all the prayers. I would be lost with out my hubbs and our lil ham... I love them with all my heart. 

The day after we got home from Idaho we found out that Terrance caught RSV.. he had to get a nebulizer and we had to give him 3 treatments a day. He has been sleeping a lot and we have been having jammie days on the regular.

 At first when I saw this penguin (the nebulizer) I thought it was cute but now I dread seeing it. Terrance is NOT a fan of it either. However he thinks anything is fun with his daddy.

On Friday we went over to our friend Desiree's house for a much needed play date with her two lil pumpkins Kanon and Kyah. Terrance and Kanon's favorite thing to do together is eat! We always have fun over there. Afterwards, we came home and had our first fire in our backyard! There is nothing like sitting out under the stars listening to the crackle of the fire. I can't wait to spend summer nights watching the fire in our backyard. 
T and Kanon 
My favorite day of the week has definitely become Sunday. I love going to church and hearing the gospel. This is a picture of me and my sister-in-law Sarah at church. I have learned so much from her and admire so many things about her!
Me and Sarah ( Blurry cell pic) 
Me and T ended  the weekend hanging out at my parents’ house. Terrance knows where we are when we pull up to their house. He starts saying his version of “Gramma and Grandpa” it is so sweet to know that he loves them so much.
How cute is that?!?!

T was saying "Bye, Bye"

 Today Terrance went to lunch with some  of his cousins. His Grammy picked him up and he knew he was headed out for some fun. I sent my camera along and my sister-in-law Taryn took some pictures of the action.

While they were hanging out at lunch I got to have a blog date with one of my besties Ashlea!!! I got to pick her brain about all my random blogging questions and make lists for future ideas. I'm so happy that she has been so helpful every step of the way... my blog would not look like this with out her! So thank you girlfriend. 

I’m so thankful for my family and friends. Life is all about love and they show me so much. I hope you had a week that was filled with love ! 

linking up here


I am now a member of Bloglovin' ! From what I have gathered Google friend connect is shutting down July 1st. So I got on the Bloglovin' party train. Toot Toot.  I am looking for new bloggy friends the software makes it easy to look through the categories of blogs. So far. I'm lovin' it.  

 I’m going big with training this week and I will be going over that in posts to come. I also started reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. I have been wanting to read this baby for a while and I think the timing is perfect. I wish everyone a happy week!  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm a blogger!!!

I am so proud to say that I am officially a blogger. You see I spent the morning trying to figure out all the crazy fun codes we have in this blogging world and I did it! I have my very own button that I created myself. I also created a custom signature. When I started this blog I had no idea how much fun it would be. I love being able to connect, get tips, and swap stories with other women like me.

I'm so happy that I have an outlet for my writing and also a way to share my life with friends and family. My blog has been up and running for a little over a month now... when I look at my fellow bloggers and they have SO MANY posts it gives me hope. Hope that I will be able to fill up my neck of the internet woods with life, love and laughter like so many others have done before me.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The day I lost my Grandpa

Me and my Grandparents 
March 11th 2013 is a day that I will never forget… I spent that day alongside my mom sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. All of whom hadn't been in the same house together, let alone town, in over 3 years. We spent the day talking to my grandpa and making small talk with each other. I spent most of my time sitting in between my mom and aunt while holding (and randomly squeezing) my grandpa's hand, I was hoping for some response from him but he lay there sleeping. My Grandma is so strong she still had her humor about her. This woman has a knack for making the most hilarious jokes at the MOST inappropriate times! (She seriously is SO funny).We needed laughter that day.
Add caption

My Mom is a nurse as well as my aunt and cousin. My Grandpa got the great opportunity to stay at his home with his family during the last days of his life. He was on hospice but he also had his entire family lending a hand to care for him. They had someone always taking of my Grandparents day and night. I think they are all amazing for that. They all went above and beyond so that my Grandpa was able to stay home and rest in the life he created for himself.
When people talk about how they would prefer to die, most would hope that they could die peacefully at home in there sleep. Well that is how my grandpa died that day. Peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his entire family. I was so happy for him because I knew that he was on his way to heaven. I pictured him meeting with his family that were already up in heaven waiting for him. I feel sorry for my Grandma. I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose our husband of over 50 years. I feel sorry for all the hearts that are heavy with grief because of his death.
My parents, Trent, and my Grandparents

I have been praying for my Grandma like crazy. Recently I heard a quote that said "when you think you have prayed enough about something, pray more" describes me to a T lately. I know that if I put my faith in God one day I will understand the things that seem so hard to bare here on earth. Death is very hard to deal with. It is hard for the people that are left behind to pick up the pieces and for them try to get back in day to day life.
The one thing that is constant in life is change. Once you are settled into one stage of life you are on to the next. When someone close to you dies it makes you reevaluate what’s important in life. It makes you cherish the smallest things. Before I left my grandparents’ house that day it dawned on me. I had to take one of his sweatshirts... this is something that I had always done whenever I was at his house- I HAD to take them he always had worn them in and they were SO comfy(it became an inside joke between us) So, of course when I told my Grandma she knew I had to have one. In fact she gave one to each one of us. I have been wearing mine a lot. It still smells like his cologne.
I’m used to missing him because for the last 13 years we have lived two and a half hours apart but nothing compares to this. When someone dies it is so insane how final everything is. No take backs, no redo’s. I’ll carry him with me, in my heart ,where I hold all our memories.

I want to visit my family in Idaho more often. I want Terrance to know them and where I came from. So I made a promise to myself that I will spend more time there and I will make a million more memories with my Grandma. Until then I am going to soak up every second with my beautiful family. I am going to do things that I have been afraid of doing. I am going to laugh at myself more. I am going to shoot for the stars.Please remember to hold your loved ones close, say “I love you” often, and pray more we never know when our time is up.

 I wouldn't be able to make it through the loss of my Grandpa without my husband. He is my rock and he ALWAYS knows how to make me laugh. I am so thankful I have him and I can't wait to create a lifetime of memories with him that will bond us like my grandparents. I'm so grateful for my wedding pictures.. I love being able to show my family with them!

I love you Trent forever and always.