Monday, June 24, 2013

OH Monday!

Hi bloggers!! Did everyone have a good weekend? Our weekend didnt't go as planned but it was defiantly still a good one. You see, last week we had a VERY rough teething week and this morning two stubborn molars finally popped out!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I can't wait to have my easily mild-mannered child back.

On Friday we had big plans to go to the Farmer's market with our favorite girls (ASHLEA). It was to first day of summer after all and we wanted to celebrate it the right way. QUE THE DOWN POOR. We took refuge in a cozy little cafe with the kids and had lunch as we waited to for the rain to stop. We talked about all the her latest wedding details and everything else in between. By the time the rain ended another one of my girlfriend's met up with us and we listened to music with our babes and enjoyed the market. Before we left Amanda gave me a present and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!!! I happily excepted and am grateful I get to be apart of her journey.

Saturday brought the sun and we had plans to attend one of Terrance's good friends second birthday. He slept most of the morning and I was hoping he would be in the perfect mood for the party. He was still sleeping when the party started so I decided to wake him up and I am pretty sure that was the beginning of our downfall. He woke up in the WORST mood ever. We got to the party and nothing got better. He was screaming when kids would come up and try to play with him and screaming at me if I tried to direct him at all. It was so terrible! He was in so much pain and so irritable that I had to leave early and take him home. Have any of you guys had to leave a party or event early due to teething??

Sunday morning, I woke up early and finished up some homework before heading to church. I spent the remainder of the day planning our one year anniversary trip! I am so excited about this trip you guys! We rented a condo out for the weekend and are spending the weekend on the Oregon coast. I am BEYOND excited for this trip because we are also going to check out the town of Corvallis where we plan to move in August 2014. Trent wants to attend Oregon State University, so we are making our first trip to check out the school and the town. Have any of you visited there? I have never been and can't wait to see what it is all about. ALSO!!! We are getting family pictures taken on the beach and right now I am frantically searching for a photographer down there and so far everyone is booked up! So if any of you know anyone down there help a sister out!!!!

This week marks the third week of marathon training and I must say I am feeling good. With the exception of missing two runs I have made every work out. I am still very motivated and determined. I also am not complaining at all about how my body is reacting to training (get it right, get it tight). I have been hitting the gym lately with all the rain that has hit our town. It is nice that machines count the calories burned for you. I may need to start looking into wearing a watch that does that? Any suggestions?
Ta-Ta for now!
Ashlea and her babes running to the bakery

Terrance flipped the hood of his stroller down to stay dry

Poor Ray running through the rain!

Frost Me Sweet 

These two came for the sno cones

Ash and her littles

Amanda and Jackson

Me and poor cranky teething T 
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  1. hahah that was seriously so much fun! The funnest trip to the farmers market ever!!! woo hooo!


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