Monday, April 15, 2013

Palouse Falls- Washington

What I love the most about this waterfall is it’s completely unexpected in the middle of a desert. Right when you walk up you can hear it roaring and you become immediately captivated by its beauty. The weather wasn’t as warm as we had hoped but at least it didn’t rain. Sarah and I hiked along one of the outside ridges; we held our breathes as we reached out and took pictures of it all.

 We had a great time and a good hike. I love being in wide open spaces and that place is just beautiful. I also believe that it is so important to get outside and do a physical activity. It is a major part in taking care of yourself and a great way to rebuild energy. I believe that it is especially important for Mom’s to get out there and get your work out on, not only will it help you physically but mentally too. Those energy booster’s and the endorphins that come from working out are what get me through the day! It is so important to take that time away for yourself and do that! Even if it means getting up a little bit earlier, you will thank yourself in the end!
I love any reason to be outside enjoying the weather and absolutely love hiking. There is a library opening a couple blocks away from me on Saturday and you better believe I’m checking out some hiking books!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. Good night.


  1. Pretty pretty pretty! I bet it's so peaceful up there!

    1. It really is and its just a little over an hour away!


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