Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bye, Bye.. Baby locks

I feel like once you become a mother TIME FLIES. I'm serious Terrance has just been passing milestone after milestone. The first hair cut was not one that I was looking forward to. He was born with a full head of hair and as months passed it got curler and crazier. After Trent and my dad put some bugs in my ear, I decided that it was probably time to cut it. I mean it could have been getting out of control but for some reason I didn't want to cut off the hair that grew in my belly! I kept telling myself that he grew in my belly too and that I was attached to something so silly.

One thing that I was so afraid of losing were those sweet curls. EVERYONE kept saying "once you cut those curls off they won't grow back". I didn't want him to lose those curls they were so him. After talking with Trent he encouraged me that the fro had to go. He made an appointment for us to go to Monkey Dooz the next day to say bye bye to the baby locks. 

He sat in a jeep and acted like such a good boy the whole way through. He was pretending to drive along a road as the hair dresser cut his hair. Once she started cutting I knew that I would love his hair short. At first I was scared of cutting his hair off and him not being a baby anymore but he isn't a baby anymore (those last 5 words were so hard to type). He is a toddler and a very handsome one at that. He loves his new hair and so do we :) 

We took a little mini photo shoot the morning of his hair appointment. This is the fro I was referring to...

I'm just so in love with my little ham. And I will always love his crazy hair !!! 

Ok seriously you guys... this boy makes the craziest faces! This being one of them. This is the face he makes when I want him to do something and he doesn't want to. He will make this face until the only thing I can do is laugh. He is so silly. 


Here is him driving the jeep while getting his first hair cut! 


T is a big boy now!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Easter weekends! 

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