Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 things I wish I knew

Tonight I am linking up with Mama's losin' it  with her Writing Prompts…

I chose to write about 10 things that I DO NOT know how to do…

1.       Crochet-  I REALLY want to learn how to crochet. I would love to be able to make gifts for my loved ones. Also I love finding new hobbies. I’m hoping to learn someday!
2.       Guitar- I love music. I especially love acoustic music and I would love to learn how to play. I think that it is so calming and beautiful. I have a guitar but it’s in Salt Lake City at one of my girlfriend’s house. I’ll learn to play it one day.
3.       Golf- I would like to learn how to play golf because my husband likes it. We went to the driving range and I was so terrible at it! I looked like I wasn’t taking it seriously but I was. Trent is always so patient with me and was going through the different steps. I never got better but want to practice on my own and go with him soon to make him proud of what he taught me.
4.       Spanish- I want to learn how to speak Spanish. The area that we live in is heavy with Spanish culture but that isn't the only reason. There is estimated to be  6,500 languages in the world. I would like to know two at LEAST. Spanish is the language most prevalent in my area besides English.
5.       Photography- Now that I have a great camera I'm going to take, print, and post my photos. I want to know how to take outstanding pictures of the world before me. I want to invest time in my new hobby and make memorable keepsakes with them.
6.       How to ski- I really DO know how to ski but I want to learn how to ski BETTER. When me and my husband were dating he invited me to Bachelor Mountain with his family for a skiing trip. I had been skiing at a smaller mountain a few times and figured that it couldn't be THAT hard to keep up with him and his family. Fast forward to me Trent and his brother on a ski lift in a blizzard. I'm praying that we are going down an easy hill so I can see if I can get my bearings... after a few minutes I realized that there was no way we were going down an easy one. When my bum left that lift there was no more pretending I was no skier!!! I fell so many times. Trent and his sweet parents were helping me along trying to teach me how to ski in over a foot of fresh powder. Eventually it was just me and Trent and he kept having to dig me out. He was still being so sweet and so funny. I knew I loved him that day on that mountain. His family is full of good skiers and they have great memories up in the mountains and we want to continue those traditions. So the next time we go I will get lessons.
7.       I’m not computer savvy- On the main reasons that I wanted to start a blog was because it would force me to be on the computer and learn all the new programs. I am so happy that I have, even though, there are times where I’m so mad I want to walk away… there are more times where the light bulb goes off and I dig the whole computer thing. The world is going viral my friends and I want to be in the know. I want to be computer savvy.
8.       How to be an Ocean Lover- Me and Trent were fortunate enough to be able to honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas and we had such an amazing honeymoon.. we stayed in an ocean front resort and spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and every minute of our freshly wedded bliss. Trent was frequently cooling himself off in the ocean and I am a pool girl so after we would go to the pool for me. He finally talked me into getting in the ocean and we were floating around. Trent was telling me how fun it was. I on the other hand was freaking  OUT looking for sharks, sting-rays, anything freaky and that’s when I felt it. Something that felt like seaweed brushed my leg and I held onto Trent and knew he felt it too. We were getting stung by jelly fish! He started telling me to swim back and it was terrifying. We made it back to shore and our resort gave us medicine. I looked at Trent and said I was going to be a pool girl for life but now I’m ready to take that back! There are so many activities to learn! I want to be an ocean lover.
9.       How to garden-  I have never had a garden before. I am planning to grow flowers and vegetables in our yard this year. I am currently in the process of planning the layout of our vegetable garden. I plan on growing my plants inside for 3 weeks and then planting them in our garden. I can’t wait to be able to go out into my own backyard and have everything for a salad!!!
10.   How to can tomatoes: We are growing lots of tomatoes in our garden. We eat a ton of pasta sauce and I mean ton. I want to be able to can enough tomatoes so that next fall l can make a ton of homemade pasta sauce. 

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  1. Hi LeeAnn! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am a new follower as well. I want to learn to crochet too, or even just sew for that matter. I'd love to make my own clothes or even a blanket. Thanks for following and for visiting my blog!



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