Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters(1)

It is finally Friday!!! Woot Woot. I love Fridays, but who doesn’t. This Friday I am super excited because I am joining in on an awesome link up called Friday Letters. This link up is from the blog The Sweet Season . Her name is Ashley and she is a beautiful writer. Here goes to trying new things!!!

Dear Trent- I must say that the highlight of my week so far was when your alarm went on early Thursday morning and you couldn’t figure out how to shut it off. (When I say “alarm” I’m referring to his cell phone that BLARES dirty rap songs) It was so hard not to laugh. (Any situation gets soo much funnier if you aren’t supposed to laugh) Anyways, your hilarious and somewhat touchy in the mornings and I love you for it. I am so grateful that you got me the camera of my dreams today and I can’t wait to take 898 million pictures of you with it. Thank you for always believing in my hobbies and dreams.

Dear Terrance- Okay YOU are  a cutie. Lately, you have been giving me and daddy TONS of kisses and hugs.. you make the CUTEST little smooch. I love our little shopping trips and can’t wait to put to use all our gardening stuff. You only want to be outside and always cry when we force you in. But summer is coming baby and we will live outside I promise. You have your VERY FIRST haircut coming in you near future. I love you T xoxox

Dear Gretchen Rubin- Your book is awesome and you have inspired me in more ways than one. I’m only half way through reading The Happiness Project  and have already learned so much about happiness. I too want to become a happier person and am definitely going to put your tips to use!

Dear Wind- REALLY????? Stop. It. All my outside activities have been put on the back burner and it really needs to end. At the VERY least please next week don’t be soo cold. Pull it together Easter hunts are on the way.

Dear Google Search- I would NOT be able to pull this whole “I’m a blogger” thing together without you. Seriously, you are there every step of the way and it makes blogging so much easier. Google IT for life!!! 

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