Monday, May 6, 2013

Life Lately

 I love the sun rising earlier, it gives me time to take a long run or a hike with one of my girlfriends. Life lately has been filled with family, friends, and FUN. It feels like lately we have constantly been on the go and I love it. Here is a little peak into what we have been up to recently...
Papa with his two favorite guys 
We had so much fun having my Grandma visit. I love spending time with her and especially love watching her and Terrance play. We are going to visit her this weekend and I can't wait!

Me with my parents 

This is me with my sister Lindsey
Me and Trent in our lovely work attire...

Terrance with a couple of his Grandmas
I feel like this was what I did all last week. STUDY. I have been having so much fun studying about exercise. I have already learned so much about living a healthy lifestyle and I can't wait to help people improve there health and wellness. My new favorite way to study is outside soaking up the sun.

Last week, Terrance and I started a 30 mile CHALLENGE. So far we have ran two miles! We will finish the 30 miles over the month of May! We have so much fun being outside together. Halfway through our run we always stop for adventures. I love making memories with my little boy.

Last week we went for a play date with our friends Amanda and Jackson. She just got back from a vacation so we had lots of girl talk to catch up on. After our much needed catching up we took our big boys out for a wagon ride. 

I just love me some chubby baby toes!! 

Summer is on the way; I can feel it in the air. Our lives are going to be filled with lots of outdoor activities and  plenty of sunshine. With bikini season in full swing, I am more determined then ever to stick to my work outs and hiking. 

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  1. Lar-bear. I love him!!! He looks so happy with his boys, I'm happy to see you all together and smiling :)


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