Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo festivities

This weekend was so much fun; seriously. It started out on Friday when one of my best friends came into town. We took Terrance to the mall so we could get some new suits and flips. It was the first time I have been to the mall since he learned how to run and it was exhausting to say the least but with Aunty T's help we got fresh new suits and made it out with breaking anything.
Afterwards we took him to the park and played. It was so nice to hang out with her for awhile. Me and Terrance both missed her and I am so grateful for her friendship.

On Friday night we got to go out to Trent's parents house for a relaxing dinner. Terrance recently learned how to say both of there names and can hardly keep from saying them over and over. It is so sweet to see him love and bond so much with his Grandparents. 

On Saturday I spent most of the day doing homework and then I worked during the night. Afterwards I met up with my friends Jack and Amanda to celebrate there engagement. We had a lot of fun and I am happy that I got to be apart of the excitement. 

We all slept in on Sunday and then I headed out for church. It was a great service followed by the first bbq of the year after. I met back up with the boys and we headed out the Trent's parents house for a pool party. 
He loves to jump off the edge! My little daredevil

Bj and BooBoo

Felicia and her beautiful little babe 

James wanted to cuddle with Auntie Taryn and eventually fell asleep in her lap. So sweet.

Edide and Michelle 

My second set of parents. I couldn't be more blessed to have them in my life. I love my in laws. 

Daddy and his girl. One of the CUTEST pictures ever.

Family picnic after a pool volleyball game 

TEQUILA and sister fun! 

I am so in love with my family. I feel so grateful to be blessed with so many Sisters in-laws. I have to go running now and try to get all that lingering tequila out of my system. I hope everyone had a great weekend! 
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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Your son is so adorable! I too had to run off the lingering reminents of the weekend :)


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