Friday, May 10, 2013

30 Mile May Challenge !!!

The start of May brought a challenge; I will push Terrance in the jogger for 30 miles through out the month. So far we have completed two runs and 5 miles together. The first RUN was so much fun, we (I) ran 2 miles, and yesterday we were able to get 3 more miles in. We have 25 miles left to go and I didn't realize how challenging it was going to be!
We live on a farm and that is where I do the majority of my running. Yesterday I pushed 34lbs (mister T) and the jogger through sand for 3 miles. Terrance fell asleep in the beginning of the run and so halfway I took him out to run around. The circle was on and it left us some puddles to jump in and we had so much fun. I love making memories with my little boy and hold them so close to my heart. I woke up today with every muscle being sore; I feel great. I am going to stretch and head out to put some more miles in. 
Happy Running! 
He slept like this for at least ten minutes...

Happy Running! 


  1. How impressive! Seriously! I just ran 2 miles with the stroller.. on pavement... Haha and I consider that an accomplishment! I LOVE that you live on a farm! I am a farm girl as well. :)

    Thanks for the motivation! :)

    1. Brittany!!! Thank you! That's awesome that you are running with your babe too! YAY! I love living on the farm, especially living on a farm and raising a family! You really can't beat it!! :)


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