Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goals for the month of MAY

I am so happy it is May! I love the first of every month; it is a new beginning a fresh start. When I start a new month in my planner I love to fill it with to-do’s, works outs, goals, hopes, dreams, and doodles. I was catching up on my favorite blogs this morning and saw THIS from Ashley’s blog. At the beginning of the month she makes a list of goals and then at the end of the month crosses them off if she completes them. I love goals and LOVE check lists so this post is definitely for me- thanks for the great idea Ashley!

·         Read my bible at least once a day
·         Transplant my veggies into the outside garden
·         Go on a picnic with my boys
·         Take 28320983 pictures
·         PRINT pictures to handout to family and friends 
·         Get two weeks ahead on homework
·         Take care of tumbleweeds outside
·         Create an AWESOME running playlist
·         Run a half marathon
·         Build our savings account

To be honest I could sit here and think of so many things that I want and need to do but for the month of May I am starting off with these 10 and hope that I will be able to cross them all off at the end of the month! 
I'm so excited this new goal list; do any of you other fellow bloggers out there have a good goal tracking system?? Please share! 

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