Saturday, April 13, 2013

Veggies getting stronger!

My veggies and flowers have been sprouting up quite nicely. Now they have been under a lighting cycle for  over a week, they will be inside absorbing the light and the warmth for 3 more weeks. Then we will transplant them into our garden. This is my first year ever doing this and I can’t believe how easy it is, seriously everyone should do it!

These are cherry tomatoes and big tomatoes. I am SUPER excited to make homemade salsa and pasta sauce with them.

The tall dudes are iceberg lettuce!!!

On this side we are growing a bunch of different colored petunias. I can’t wait to plant all those pretty colors in the front yard.

I know that I am being overly positive and some of them may not grow into what they are meant to be. However I choose to have faith in them; I have faith that they will grow and be yummy and beautiful.
Now me and my little blonde family are off to Idaho. We will be celebrating my Grandpa’s life with all his friends and  our family. I love traveling with my husband, especially road trips.

Happy Saturday! 


  1. Thinking of you this weekend! I hope everything went well! Love you!

    1. Oh Ash that is so so sweet of you. It went as good as it could have gone! Love you!!


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