Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip!

Our trip started out just as most do, running around getting packed, making multiple trips back home after realizing we left something behind and stopping for coffee (ALWAYS coffee). We were only fifteen minutes past our leaving deadline which in our family is a small victory; we are late to everything it’s sad but true. We were all loaded up in our new car and ready for an adventure.

We were headed to my home town Lewiston, Idaho. This is a route that I have taken back and forth for over ten years. These photographs that a took are of places that are embedded in my soul. I love driving through beautiful open farm land. I couldn’t wait to enjoy the drive I knew so well with my boys; they make everything more fun.

My Mom, Grandma and me. So happy we all got to be together on this day to celebrate the beautiful life that my Grandpa created amongst his friends and our family. My family is going through some hard times right now but I believe that in the near future we will all be together again celebrating life and enjoying what is most important- each other.
Every time I swear I couldn’t be more in love with Trent, he does something that makes me fall head over heels for him all over again. He has impeccable timing; he is so quick to tell a joke that he makes any situation light and fun. I was so grateful to have both of my boys beside me for the final celebration of my Grandpa.
After saying our good byes and hugging my Grandma as many times as I could, we packed up and headed to my all-time favorite burger joint. When I was growing up I loved going to Sharp’s; the best part is the kids get to sit on saddles. Yee-haw! You better believe this Mama was excited to finally put her pumpkin on one of those saddles. He loved it!!
Until his food came, food comes before everything for my little man and he was ready to eat! They are famous for their own “secret sauce” and Terrance loved it. His new favorite thing is dipping is food in sauce and man did he love that sauce. I finally had to intervene when he was attempting to drink it. Trent loved the sauce too and bought us a bottle to bring home.

On the way home we wanted to see some different scenery so we went an alternate route; we headed towards Palouse Falls.
About 45 minutes after we took our exit we ran into this...
That my friends is what living in a desert gets you. I have had my fair share of crazy tumbleweed encounters but this my friends tops it all. It was a gigantic tumbleweed barrier but we didn’t want to turn around or scratch our new car by blowing through them. So Trent grabbed his work gloves and dug out a path for us to drive through.
Trent always saves the day and makes us laugh the whole way through it and that is just what he did. We made it through the tumbleweed wall and got to the waterfall on the otherside and it was amazing. This is where me and my friend Sarah will be hiking tomorrow.

We had a great trip and covered about 300 miles. It was really great to see my family and to have an adventure with my boys. But I love being back on the grind.

Have you done your cardio yet?
Let's gooooo!!!


  1. What a cutie!! Great pictures. I’ve never been to Idaho, but your pictures make me want to. How cute is it that the kids get to sit on Saddles? Mason would be all over that! Precious.

  2. OH my gosh!! RIGHT? Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm! I could hardly wait to get him on that saddle! And thanks again about my pictures!! You are the sweetest.


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