Friday, April 12, 2013

Skyline Trail; Badger Mountain Hike

We started our weekends off with a BANG; Me and my friend Sarah went for a 4.1 mile hike. We hiked up the Skyline trail of Badger Mountain, which is the Northwest side of the mountain. There are so many things I like about Tri-Cities (the place we call home), one of them being that we live in wine country. By hiking the northwest side of the mountain you can see wineries for miles and miles. It was so beautiful and clear out today; we were even able to see the tippy top of Mount Adams. 

Northeast side of Mountain- overlooking Columbia River


Northwest side of the Mountain

We had so much fun today talking and swapping funny stories. We got our work outs outta the way early and we were able to do it outside- my favorite! What work outs do you have planned for the weekend? If you haven't thought that far ahead, you should, even if it's a walk with your friend! With all the endorphins you will get it will be well worth it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy hiking!


  1. That's a beautiful view and a great way to get some exercise, I agree.

  2. Thanks Jessica. It is one of the main hiking trails in our area!


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