Monday, April 1, 2013

Life lately (2)

I am so SUPER excited that it is April. I hope you all out there in cyberspace are having as beautiful of a spring day as we are. We have had a great day so far. We woke up ate our favorite breakfast… 3 eggs over easy. (Sometimes I only have two but the little t-rex has 3… that kid can eat). After that Terrance went down for a nap and I got to start our summer veggies! I am so excited to have my first edible garden this year. I can’t wait for summer days and fresh home grown food. We went to visit our Grammy and eat the BEST egg salad sandwiches. On Monday Terrance usually spends a few hours over there and this Mama goes to work (work outs, homework, blogging, reading). Today it is about 75 degrees and I went and ran the bleachers at our local stadium. It felt so good to have the sun beating on my back as a forced myself to run- I even got a tan line ;).

I joined the life-lately bi-weekly link up  and now I am back for more. We have been pretty busy the last couple weeks. We have started some major spring cleaning in our home and also some redecorating. Spring is my favorite time of year and we have been spending a lot of time outside. Between getting the garden prepared for the summer and our adventures (walking T until he’s worn out) we are soaking up a ton of vitamin D. We are so grateful to be living on the farm and love it so much. We can see the airport in the distance and Terrance’s favorite thing to is to watch the planes take off and land. He points and shoots with pure fascination. He is probably going to jump out of them with his uncle one day. (Uncle Justin is a professional sky diver).
Terrance and his cousin Mase

Look who spotted an airplane!

Where's the planes??

Terrance got invited to an Easter egg hunt at his friend Kanon’s house. WE (I) was so excited because this was going to be the year that he could participate!!! Little mister over slept an was an hour late to the party but we made it just in time for the egg hunt.  Terrance’s favorite thing to do anywhere is eat. My darling Mommy friends put together an adorable and YUMMY food spread; everything from rice krispies to cupcakes topped with bunnies. After Terrance had a few bites he was sold and I couldn’t get him interested in anything else. I ran to the first egg and jumped up and down. He thought it was kinda cool but he definitely thought the food was better. Oh well. Maybe next year! We still had such a great time getting to mingle with other mama’s and babies.
chillen with his yummy treat

Egg and Rice Krispie!!!

Kyah Girl 

Rem found a treat!

Mama's and the babies 
Mister Kanon! 

the boys 

Add caption

Another crazy face... HAHA 
Aren't those bunny cups cute!!!!
Our sweet little niece had her very first birthday over the weekend. We all got to play in a gym and it was fun!!! T had a great time running around and playing with his cousin’s. My absolute favorite thing about first birthday parties is the tradition of the baby digging into the cake! It is so much fun for the baby and it is fun to watch- Rylie girl loved playing in her cake.  She was surrounded my so much love and so many presents! I loved watching my bro and sis in law look at their baby with so much happiness and joy. It was a great first birthday party!

See how happy they look!!! 

Mama and her baby girl 

T test driving his twin cousin's new ride 

Her first Happy Birthday song! 

Me and my boys 

Papa playing with the kids 

Trent and his Mom!! 



On Easter Sunday I went to church and enjoyed the wonderful service. After that I met up with the boys and we went to my parents. My dad makes the BEST finger steak ever and we HAVE to have it every holiday- it was awesome. We hung out at their house and played outside. T has loved all his Easter baskets and now is into cars and saying broom-broom. I had to cut the holiday celebrations short because I had to go to work. I didn’t think that I was going to be that sad but when I got to work it hit me how hard it was to leave. I had so many fun things planned and I was so sad I couldn’t be there. I cried at work- not like cried tears but my eyes were filled with them. All the girls that I work with are so sweet and figured out how to get me out of there as soon as possible.
My first pet Mimie and T 

Grandpa's can make anything better 

Bike rides are FUN. 

I am feeling very grateful and blessed starting out this new month. I hope that all you other blogger’s out there feel the same. I’m ready to tackle this month with A+’s, harder work outs, and being a better person then I was last month. I hope everyone had a family filled weekend and has great plans for the week. Let’s gooooooooooo !!!! 


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    1. I love kid parties! I want to plan a party at my house! Let's think of something springy to do! (ps.. my phone is still lost lol)


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