Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gardening 101

I'm so excited that I will have my first edible garden this year! Right now, I have cherry tomatoes, peppers, green onions, big tomatoes, sweet corn, pumpkins, cucumbers, and a variety of flowers sitting in the darkness under my sink. I can’t wait to fill our big outside garden and have fresh veggies all summer long.

One of my great friends, Laura, used to have a garden shop. Girlfriend hooked me up with a rapid rooter mat, a propagation tray and a humidity dome.  I started to germinate them yesterday and they should sprout in 3 more days! I can’t wait to take them out of the darkness and see what I grew!!!  After the veggies and flowers have sprouted I will put them under a light and keep them inside for four weeks.
Propagation try with the rapid rooter mat inside 

My goal is to have TONS of tomatoes. This year I want to learn how to can and I want to can homemade pasta sauce for next fall. We go through an INSANE amount of pasta sauce in this house and next year I want it all to be homemade.

Seeds in the mat 

I am so grateful to be living on this farm and being able to have a garden. My mother-in-law, Edie, is an avid gardener. The flowers that she plants are always so PRETTY. I want my yard to be full of beautiful flowers like hers. I’m really looking forward to spending time outside with the boys growing our own food. 

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