Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tractor Rides

Trent comes from generations of farmers that farmed hay, potatoes, corn and cattle. His step Dad Fred has taught him the hard work ethic he has today. Fred comes from a long line of ranchers and cattleman. He works from sun up to sun down and can find a solution to any problem. Trent has been working alongside Fred for 12 years on Cloud 9 Farms. The life of a farmer is very rewarding. My most favorite thing is how close it brings a family. I love that we get to go visit Trent and bring him snacks. I can’t imagine him being gone all day and not spending some time with him at some point.

 Terrance has always known what it’s like to be inside a tractor. When I was 8 months pregnant with him I stopped working and stayed at home. This meant I got to spend my days prepping and getting all the last minute things for our tiny apartment.. it also meant I got to bring Trent his lunch to the tractor or swather every day. More often than not, I would spend the rest  of the day riding around the farm fields with Trent and my growing belly. Terrance would always start off the ride kicking as we bounced along the bumpy field and would eventually fall asleep and be still.  Towards the last few days of my pregnancy we would always joke that we were going to bounce him out… It didn’t work.

After Terrance joined us in the outside world we brought Daddy lunch together. He would sit in my lap in the co-pilot chair and we would ride along the same as before… he would kick and play and then eventually fall to sleep. As he gets older every time the tractor becomes more fun for him and Daddy. A few days ago was his first ride of the year and it meant more to him than ever before.

The second we turned down the field road and he saw the tractor rolling down he knew what it meant. He said “DADA!!!!” He knew his was about it go for a ride and was very excited. I got him out of the car and he instantly ran up and was pointing to it. He wasn't scared at all even though it’s so big and loud. (Keep in mind this kid is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of the vacuum, I can’t even have it out for him to see) He ran up to daddy and went for a ride while I went and did our grocery shopping for the week.

                I have a feeling this is going to be the best season yet ! 


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    1. Thank you! The girls better get there boots on because they are going for plenty of rides this summer


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