Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicco Mom

Stroller, Car Seat with base, Jogger

As a new mom when I set out to purchase a car seat I wanted one that had GREAT safety reviews, one that was easy to use and one that was light weight. I read different reviews and tried to talk to as many mommy’s that I could about theirs and my go-to Mom friends all had already used and LOVED Chicco’s Keyfit car seat. Not only does it have great safety reviews that can be found here but it’s simple to use AND light weight (only weighing 9 lbs.) I planned on staying home for the most part so we only wanted to purchase one car seat, that is why it needed to be easy to take in and out and to switch from car to car. All I can say is that car seat was a life saver to me and my husband as new parents. In fact, his twin, borrowed it for her baby and she said the same things! Easy to use, switch, and light weight.


                We purchased the Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System- that included; a stroller, a base and the Keyfit car seat. And I am so happy that we did. Whenever I would get outta the car I would unfold the stroller and pop the car seat in. Easy. Peasy. It made shopping with a new baby worry free. The seat is adjustable and the back fully reclines. There is also a large storage container of the bottom for storing bags! Now that Terrance has outgrown the car seat he rides like a big boy and loves it. Our stroller has been on tons of rides and still looks and acts brand spanking new! Reviews for the Cortina Keyfit travel system can be found here.


                We live on a farm and me and Terrance love jogging through the large open fields. However our stroller wasn’t very farm friendly… we needed something that could be used for off roading and running. After shopping around for a few weeks I had my mind set. We HAD TO have The Chicco S3 All-Terrain 3-Wheel Stroller- front swivel wheel, puncture resistant tires, includes all weather inserts(fleece & plastic cover). It has a hand break for more control and it fits the Keyfit car seat! We have had it for about a year and a half and its DURABLE. We have put miles and miles on it and it’s still in great shape. If you want to know more about Chicco’s products more information can be found right here.

The S 3 All-Terrain Jogger
 Here are some pictures of Mr. Terrrance Jax enjoying his different ways of travel. 

T and Grammy! On Terrance's first birthday 

TJ about to fall asleep on a summer run 

TNT at Bridge of the Gods 

Trent pushing Terrance in the Travel System (with car seat in) 

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