Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring in full swing

The view from our backyard, I feel so at peace out there 
I have been finishing up painting our bedroom- when I say finishing up I mean I only have a few more parts along the trim! I probably should be doing that right now.  I can’t wait to put our room back in order. I love how the color scheme worked out. We have been having a blast learning how to do at home projects ourselves. We have learned a lot and one of my most prized tips I feel I must share.

You know when you buy a case of water at the store? Well after the water is all gone you're left with a cardboard box thing. Well that my friends is the key to worry-free painting! I put my paint gallon, brushes, tape, and wet cloth inside the box. You can just drag it along with you to each wall you are painting. I am messy and I constantly lose things- This makes painting a breeze.  You should try it next time you have a painting project!

We have been trying to spend at least an hour outside each day. The wind in our town hasn't made it very pleasant. Luckily, Terrance is constantly warm; so I bundle up and we head out to brave the wind. Seriously you guys, sometimes I don’t know how Terrance can stand in it! Regardless, we have been seeing some awesome results from it. First off our garden is really starting to look completely cleaned out. I am in the process of turning all the dirt. It is a BIG garden but I enjoy the work out I get from doing it! Also, Terrance LOVES being outside… You will find him running his lawn mower or trying to use a big rake. You also can’t beat the vitamin D that we are both getting from the sun; I also don’t mind that I can already see tan lines!

Our indoor garden is looking fabulous. They are on their 3rd day of the lighting cycle. (More about that can be found here). I seriously can’t believe how easy it is to grow seeds! I also didn't think that Trent would be as into it as he is! It is really fun to peak in there to watch them grown. I hope that we get to eat them all as yummy veggies this summer!

This is some pictures of the troops standing strong!

Thanks for reading along! I hope you tackled your Monday and will rest your head feeling accomplished. I am off to go finish up the paint. Have a great week! I hope all the April showers bring us lots of may flowers!


  1. Veggies are lookin good! Seriously wtf is up with this wind'

    1. The wind is soo bad! It has put off so many of our activities! Thanks! I love growing things!


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