Friday, March 8, 2013

My Happily Ever After

Trent Daddy.. July 14th 2012

The day we became forever 

I would like to introduce my husband. The wonderful man behind it all... Trent. He is the most caring person I have ever met. He has the sweetest soul and is quick to tell a joke. Right now, he is a cougar at Washington State University and he is getting a General Social Science bachelors with a concentration on Anthropology  and Business.  After he graduates he plans on attending Oregon State University to get his Master’s in Applied Anthropology.  He dreams of being an anthropologist. He wants to study different cultures around the world. He is going to do great things throughout his career. Currently he is working on his families hay/potato farm. He is a hard worker AND a smarty pants. You guys... He has midterms this week and he hardly studies and he gets A’s and B’s... He is a genius I’m telling you. I’m so proud of him for wanting to go further in school. How he is able to balance school, work, and family blows my mind. He does great in every aspect and he inspires me.

Family pictures May 2012

When I was a little girl I always hoped that I would marry my best friend and my dreams came true ( CHEESEY!!!.I am so cheesy when it comes to Trent. Get prepared!). He is my life partner in more ways than I would have ever imagined. I love being married to him and there are so many reasons that I could literally go on for DAYS but I won’t bore you with that, I will let you see for yourselves in our future blog posts. (That is if anyone besides my bestie is reading this ;) ).

Daddy and his new baby boy bonding

The first nap they ever took together

I fall in love with Trent more and more every day. He is such an amazing father. He goes above and beyond to do his part in parenting our son and I am so grateful for that. ( Fun Fact: When we were in the hospital after having Terrance I didn’t change his diaper for like 3 days. GO DADDY!!!) He always makes sure that me and Terrance have whatever we need to make us happy. Since we are both working we developed a habit of trading off mornings of who has to wake up with the baby... so every other day we get to sleep in. We both love it... We love making things work as a team.
One proud new Dada 

Our first family picture

They love their naps 

Trent and Terrance September 2011 
The kiss that sealed the deal....
Trent LOVES UFC. And when I say love I mean LOVE. He knows everything there is to know about it. I’m so serious. He could talk about it for days straight I bet. A couple months back we went to our first live UFC fight. It was way better seeing the action live… from a hundred seats back. He recently started training in a local MMA gym. It is his passion so I’m excited to see where it 
takes him. 

Trent comes from a big family.. He has three sisters, and three brothers. It is so awesome to have so many family members... Terrance has 7 cousins on Trent's side so far! All of our family gatherings are full of love and laughter.

Hilker/Olberding Family


  1. I really enjoy knowing your life is full and happy. Love the pictures

  2. I really enjoy knowing your life is full and happy. Love the pictures

  3. I love you so much LeeAnn!!!


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