Monday, July 15, 2013

First Anniversary Vacation!


Trent, Terrance, and I packed up on Thursday morning and headed to Oregon. We planned out a trip along the Oregon coast, we also visited Trent's school. Our first stop was in Portland, my sweet, sweet Mom- in- law got us a night at the Westin for us as a present. We walked around downtown and did lots of shopping. Terrance loved busy city life and we had so much fun people watching! It was so great being away together as a family. 

On Friday morning we packed up and headed to Corvallis, next year we are moving there so I couldn't wait to check it out. We loved everything about the town and it was actually bigger then we thought. We went to Oregon State UnIversity where Trent will be attending school. The campus was so beautiful. All the architecture of the old buildings were simply breath taking. We found the anthropology hall and got a tour of the building. Trent had so much fun learning about his Master's program and he gained so much motivation from the visit (which is exactly what we had hoped for).  After hanging out and doing a little shopping, we were ready to head to our beach condo in Newport.

We got to our beach house, unpacked, and instantly ran to the beach. This was Terrance's first time seeing the ocean and he loved it! My crazy boys wanted to jump in the water, they we're so excited that I had to let them. They had a blast playing in the waves.
We couldn't have picked a better condo to stay in, It was secluded on a private beach. I loved having my own kitchen to cook in!!! We brought tons of groceries with us and I cooked a lot. It was so much better then being in a hotel. I love being able to cook on vacation it is such a homey type of feeling. Not to mention the fact that we saved so much money not eating out too much AND we stayed some-what healthy (don't tell the boys). 

On Saturday we visited South Beach and had some fun in the sun. We also walked around the districts that were in our town. We had so much fun looking for treasures and going wherever the wind blew us (literally). 
When we are at home Terrance sleeps in his crib and has since he was about 8 months old. I initially thought the condo had a crib but we ended up having two king size beds. We all had so much fun having a family bed. Terrance slept great overnight and he still took his daily naps. I was so relieved that everyone slept well and tonight I know it will be sad to put T down in his crib.

Sunday was our anniversary! I woke up super early and went on a long beach run. It was so beautiful!! I was so grateful I got to enjoy those views. Afterwards, I cooked breakfast and then we headed to our family pictures. We got them taken on the beach by Shannon Mae Photography.( LINK TO HER WEBSITE) She was so much fun and she brought a friend to help with the baby!! I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out. If your interested in getting family pictures along the coast you HAVE to call her. She is the sweetest ever. After our pictures we headed to Lincoln City for the day. We did lots of sight seeing and had a blast hanging around town. As the day was nearing the end, we went to Newport and ate dinner at a pub in Nye beach. We headed back to our amazing condo and stayed in the rest of the night.

We had so much fun on our family vacation and I never want to leave home without T again! He is such a good traveler. I feel so refreshed and ready to get back on the daily grind. 
I hope everyone else had a great weekend. I am linking up with Sami for weekend Shenanigans and I can't wait to hear about everyone else's weekend. I hope that everyone is as motivated to get back on the grind as we are (if not, you my friend, need a weekend getaway, ASAP).

P.S. I know, picture overload- I can't help it I am a proud Momtographer!!!!
Have a great Monday!!!


  1. Hey LeeAnn!

    You guys are the cutest little family! I loved the pictures, especially the beach pictures. Also, how exciting about moving to Oregon.

    Have a great rest of your week!


  2. seriously what a blast! and great photos love. Im so happy that you guys get to do all this fun stuff as a family, you guys are perfect.


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