Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Letter's

April 19th 2013

Dear You- Thank you for taking time out of your precious day to read my thoughts. You are so kind.
Dear Boston- As I sit down on this rainy morning to write one of my favorite blog posts I can’t help but to be lost in thought of you. My heart goes out to each of the families that are currently locked inside their homes in fear of every car that drives down the street. When I was watching the news this morning, they said they were going to show images of the suspects and as I sat there in anticipation of the monster that I might see wondering what they were going to look like, they were shown. Two Caucasian males in everyday clothes and they are allegedly  responsible for the tragedy that took place at the Boston marathon.  My heart breaks for those families that are in fear of everyone around them that they are so afraid. I am sending you my heart Boston, for all of yours who have been broken, who have seen and endured terrible things. I am praying that you will find comfort and that soon the suspects will be found.
Dear Boston Marathoners- First of all, if you completed the marathon you deserve a standing ovation. I believe that anyone who runs 26.2 miles deserves a standing ovation. Secondly I can’t imagine what it must have been like to finish or even be part of such a tragedy like this. After all the months of planning and preparing and to have it all end like this. Reading the papers and watching the news about everyone being lost from their families and split up, and now people being forced to stay inside their houses and not to open the door unless it is the police, it absolutely heart wrenching. I pray that you are all safe wherever you may be and that you are finding comfort in something.
Dear Fellow marathon hopefuls- As some of you may know I am training for the Chicago Marathon in October and after hearing what happened with the Boston Marathon some of my family members and friends were beginning to worry about it. After hearing about what happened I never thought about stepping down and not running because something terrible could happen. I completely understood their worries and fears but reminded them that that is no way to live- we can’t become afraid of life. After I choosing to put my faith in God, I am not afraid of life or what COULD happen. I know that God will protect me and that whenever this life ends, I will be in heaven and I know that I am not afraid of that.  I will continue to train and prepare for my marathon and let God worry about what is going to happen. After finding out this sad sad news did you rethink your marathon? Or maybe even a trip to a big city? What did you use to calm your fears?
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